Feng Shui and Business:


“How To Master The ‘Millionaire Vibration’

To open your mind to the possibilities of Feng Shui in business is completely empowering. You have the opportunity to direct a deliberate and magnetic silent message to your clients and done well this can give you a leading edge in any field.

Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern art and science which combines cultural traditions and philosophies with mystical beliefs and common sense. One of the most significant things about Feng Shui is the complex understanding of the dynamic flow of energy throughout our entire universe.

The word ‘Feng Shui’ means ‘Wind and Water’. Water is the ‘seen’ component and represents our outer environment, while wind is the ‘unseen’ component and represents our inner environment. Feng Shui is the relationship between what we can physically see and what we can not see, though are aware is there due to the effects of it. By making even small changes in either of these areas we can see the rippling effects of it in the other area.